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Guided Breathwork Classes On-Demand

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Reduce Stress

Experience immediate relief from anxiety and stress.

Enhance Mood

Release emotions to feel grounded and happy.

Improve Sleep

Quiet your mind to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Boost Performance

Enhance productivity, increase mental focus, and boost energy.

Guided Breathwork Classes On-Demand

Try your first session at Inward Breathwork below for free!

Reduce Stress

Experience fast relief from anxiety and stress.

Enhance Mood

Release emotions to feel grounded and happy.

Improve Sleep

Quiet your mind to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply.

Boost Energy

Improve your oxygen capacity and build stamina.


Morning Practice | 16 Minutes

This is the best way to start your day! You will feel balanced, energized and accomplished all before your feet hit the floor. Using breathwork, visualizations, affirmations, journaling and incredible music, Amanda will wake you up in only 16 minutes leaving you feeling empowered and ready for the day.

Inward Breathwork

The Inward Method

We are focused on making breathwork effective, beautiful, and fun. Our mission is to gather a community of the best facilitators in the worldacross all the popular breathwork stylesto give you on-demand access to programs for stress, performance, managing emotions, altered states and productivity.  
Our facilitators are innovating on traditional breathwork with vocal toning, guided visualizations, hypnosis techniques and the use of acoustic sound instruments to make each session an unforgettable experience

On-Demand Breathwork Classes

Customize your breathwork practice to fit your lifestyle:
  • On-demand classes for stress, anxiety, sleep, energy, and more
  • Access to library of content for the same price as one live class
  • Wide variety of class lengths to fit your schedule
  • Structured programs and challenges
  • New content released weekly
  • All from the comfort of your home

Immediately Relieve Stress

Are you struggling to implement a mindfulness practice? Breathwork changes the state of your mind and body in a single session.
In his best-selling book, Breath, author James Nestor states,"The fastest way to build a better, stronger health foundation is to start a breathwork practice. It’s one of the fastest ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and the build up of feelings that can overwhelm and cause burn out." 
When you hold your breath, the amount of carbon dioxide in the body increases. A more oxygenated brain reduces feelings associated with stress.  

Backed by Research

Breathing exercises are gaining credibility with world class research institutions and top health influencers such as Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, Joe Rogan, and Tim Ferriss.

When we intentionally slow our breathing, we can shift the nervous system into the parasympathetic state, allowing our body to heal and recover.
When we actively breathe in the up-regulated style, our body reaches a high yet controlled level of perceived stress, which helps to build resilience to everyday stressors. 

The Inward Breathwork Mission

At Inward Breathwork, we have made it our mission to gather the best facilitators in the worldacross all breathwork stylesTo enhance your experience of breathwork, we provide beautifully shot content, curated playlists for each emotion, the highest sound quality, powerful vocal toning exercises and science-backed guided visualizations.
Our core values are quality and accessibility, which is why every session is created with intention and artistry. We hava pricing program to ensure our platform is accessible to everyone and have made our content available on-demand with many different session lengths to fit your schedule.

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