25+ Breathwork Training Courses & Certifications for Facilitators

breathwork Jul 20, 2021


As many more people are beginning to improve their wellness, breathwork has become an increasingly popular practice. While many have begun practicing breathwork for the health benefits it offers, others have explored breathwork training as a means for personal and professional growth.

If you’re ready to better yourself and others with breathwork certification, there are plenty of ways to do so. This article will help you find the best breathwork training by covering everything below:

  • What is Breathwork Training?
  • How to Become a Certified Breathwork Facilitator
  • 15 Online Breathwork Training & Certifications for Instructors
  • 7 In-Person Courses and Workshops for Facilitators
  • 6 Breathwork Courses on eLearning Websites
  • 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Breathwork Facilitator Course for You

Before we explore the incredible training programs available, let’s take a look at what breathwork training actually is.


What is breathwork training?

Breathwork training consists of learning a variety of techniques designed to help regulate and control breathing. Learning how to do breathwork offers many benefits to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of both coaches and their clients. It's often used by practitioners to address stress, anxiety, physical ailments, and trauma.

Those interested in practicing breathwork can seek out individual or group sessions led by a skilled facilitator. Another option is to seek out different certification training programs, courses, and events that will give them the credibility needed to guide others through breathwork sessions. Training is available for those specifically looking to become breathwork teachers, as well as those just interested in building their knowledge. This article will be mainly focusing on certified breathwork facilitator courses.


How to become a certified breathwork facilitator

If you want to earn your Breathwork Certification, all you have to do is find an accredited breathwork training program that works best for you. Explore the wide variety of options available and choose one based on how its criteria and requirements resonate with you. Once you've found one that feels right, you can purchase your training and begin your breathwork journey.

You can get started on your search for your ideal certified breathwork teacher training program below.


15 Online Breathwork Training & Certifications for Instructors

As we’ve grown more accustomed to using the Internet to do everything from home, more and more breathwork teachers and organizations have begun offering accessible breathwork training that allows anyone and everyone to earn certification. Here are our recommendations for online programs that can help you earn your breathwork certification.


1. Breathe Breathwork Teacher Training

The Breathwork Teacher Training from Breathe offers up to four training courses that allow practitioners to learn how to guide others in a variety of settings. The four trainings are Basics & One-on-One, How to Lead Couples & Groups, The Five-Day Emotional Detox, and Breathwork for Emotional Abundance. There are four different bundles available (the fourth offering the most value for serious teachers), all of which include high-quality video, downloadable guided tracks, PDF files, live quarterly Q&A sessions, and 24/7 lifetime access.

Provided By: Breathe with Jon Paul Crimi

Course Structure & Duration: Lifetime access allows students to complete the multimedia lessons at their own pace. Will take days to weeks depending on commitment.

Instructor: Jon Paul Crimi

Best For: Learning about Circular Breathwork and Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Cost: $999 (Basics & One-on-One) | $999 (How to Lead Couples & Groups) | $1,849 (Three Bundle Certification Savings) | $2100 (Four Bundle Certification Savings)

Why We Recommend it: Offers a variety of content and support to help you become a highly-qualified teacher.


2. Loka Yoga Breathwork Teacher Training

Loka Yoga offers Online Breathwork Teacher Training, which can be bundled with their other certification courses. This course uses video lessons with audio tracks and workbooks to help practitioners learn ancient and modern breathwork techniques, as well as the key benefits of practicing breathwork. Those who complete this course can continue their education with Yoga Alliance.

Provided By: Loka Yoga School

Course Structure & Duration: This course is made up of 20 hours of content, which can be completed at your own pace.

Instructors: Yann Cadic and Taryn Weggelar

Best For: Learning about Pranayama and modern breathwork techniques.

Cost: $349 (Breathwork Training) | $399 (Breathwork + Meditation Training) | $549 (Breathwork + Yin Yoga Training) | $599 (The Complete Experience)

Why We Recommend it: Offers the opportunity to bundle with meditation and yoga training for an affordable price.


3. Online Breath Coach Training

The Online Breath Coach Training offered by The Whole Health Project is a great course for those wanting to establish themselves as credible teachers. It's designed for practitioners of all ages and backgrounds who want to master ancient and modern breathwork techniques in order to offer their clients the best teachings and knowledge. There are 6 modules to help you become certified in breathwork, with a bonus module on how to launch a coaching business.

Provided By: The Whole Health Project

Course Structure & Duration: 25 hours of video lessons and a final exam, which can be completed at your own pace. Includes access to a private Facebook Group.

Instructors: Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster-Perkins

Best For: Learning about Pranayam and modern breathwork techniques.

Cost: $697 (One-Time Payment) | $267 x 3 (Monthly Payments)

Why We Recommend it: Offers a comprehensive view of breathwork practices, with tips for business success.


4. Teaching Pranayama: The Basics

Yoga International's Teach Pranayama course is designed for yoga teachers and bodyworkers who want to expand their offerings. This course teaches everything one needs to know about pranayama and how it can benefit your clients' lives. It can be completed at your own pace, but they recommend sticking to a weekly learning schedule.

Provided By: Yoga International

Course Structure & Duration: 9 hours of video with some text and homework, which can be completed at your own pace.

Instructor: Cyndi Lee

Best For: Learning about Pranayama.

Cost: $229

Why We Recommend it: Provides a look at incorporating breathwork into yoga practices.


5. Alchemy of Breath Facilitator Certification

The Alchemy of Breath Facilitator Program is an in-depth certification course that teaches everything you need to know about breathwork. The course emphasizes the personal journey you'll take while learning to integrate breathwork into your life. The coursework allows you to engage with a lot of personal learning while also connecting with others throughout the process.

Provided By: Alchemy of Breath

Course Structure & Duration: 400 hours of video lessons, required readings, and scheduled Zoom calls. Must attend Exotic International BreathCamp or Online BreathCamp to receive certification.

Instructor: Anthony Abbagnano

Best For: Learning about Conscious Connected Breathing.

Cost: $7,920

Why We Recommend it: Offers various methods of learning, and multiple ways to give and receive support.


6. Evolutionary Breathwork Instructor Programme

Christopher Gladwell's Evolutionary Breathwork Instructor Programme is designed to provide a comprehensive look into breathwork. This 2-year instructor training helps students understand how to use breathwork for one's well-being, as well as the knowledge required to teach it to others. It offers a variety of materials including video, writings, live calls, and year-end retreats.

Provided By: Christopher Gladwell

Course Structure & Duration: 2,004 hours of video content, text, quizzes, and scheduled live sessions. Must complete all learnings and attend 3 in-person retreats in 2 years to graduate.

Instructor: Christopher Gladwell

Best For: Learning about Systematic Breathwork and Nasal Breathing.

Cost: £7,997

Why We Recommend it: Provides an opportunity to master a wide variety of techniques while improving your life and connecting with others.


7. Rebirthing Training Programme

The online Rebirthing Training Programme from AIR School of Breathwork allows students to learn how to practice rebirthing breathwork from the comfort of their homes. This course uses Zoom sessions to mimic in-person retreats, and is full of the same teachings and activities as in-person training. Completing all sections of this course will help you master rebirthing breathwork and share your skills with others.

Provided By: AIR School of Breathwork

Course Structure & Duration: 8 days of live Zoom calls.

Instructors: Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell

Best For: Learning about Rebirthing breathwork techniques.

Cost: £650

Why We Recommend it: The closest you can get to experiencing an in-person retreat from your home.


8. Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training

Pause Breathwork offers a training program specifically for those who want to teach breathwork with a trauma-healing focus. This online program will teach you how to use the integrative and meditative Pause Breathwork practices, while also gaining the knowledge needed to share these skills. Through the teachers, many students are able to embark on their own personal healing journeys while building on the skills to improve their business offerings.

Provided By: Pause Breathwork

Course Structure & Duration: 6 months of online learning that can be completed at your own pace.

Instructor: Samantha Skelly

Best For: Learning about integrative and meditative breathwork techniques.

Cost: Pricing discussed during discovery call.

Why We Recommend it: Provides a healing experience while receiving training.


9. Breath Mastery's Certified Breathwork Coach/Practitioner Training

Breath Mastery's Coach/Practitioner Training program is a great way for breathworkers of all levels to gain a comprehensive understanding of breathwork, as well as how to share it with others. This course includes a wide variety of knowledge on everything from the many types of breathwork to how to run a coaching business. Those who register will receive helpful reading and video materials and the opportunity to participate in multiple training sessions. 

Provided By: Breath Mastery

Course Structure & Duration: Video and text lessons with live sessions and peer support. 1-year program that can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to complete at your own pace.

Instructor: Dan Brulé

Best For: Learning about Breath Awareness and Conscious Breathing.

Cost: $5,760

Why We Recommend it: Offers a spiritual focus on individual sessions to help grow your knowledge of the experience.


10. SOMA Breath Instructor Training

The SOMA Breath Instructor Training program is a one-of-a-kind program that offers you the chance to teach as you learn. The lessons and virtual classrooms allow you to learn the fundamentals of SOMA Breath, and you’re rewarded with certification following the completion of every step of the course. This allows you to start offering healing services to your clients while continuing on your path to become a SOMA Breath Master.

Provided By: SOMA Breath

Course Structure & Duration: Can be completed in 2 to 6 months, depending on your level of commitment and the type of certification you desire.

Instructor: Niraj Naik

Best For: Learning about SOMA Breath techniques.

Cost: Flexible payment options, starting at $259/month

Why We Recommend it: Provides the opportunity to start teaching professionally as you continue to learn.


11. Inspired Me Breathwork Facilitator Training

Another great option for those wanting well-rounded breathwork training is the Breathwork Facilitator Training from Inspired Me. This course is designed with a combination of self-learning and live sessions to teach you everything about breathwork. You’ll learn its history, the different types, and how to build a breathwork business. Students will also gain access to Accountability Groups, where they'll be able to check in with and support each other through their learning journeys. 

Provided By: Inspired Me Meditation & Wellness

Course Structure & Duration: 6 months of weekly video and text lessons, live calls, and quizzes. Students also gain access to Accountability Groups and a WhatsApp Group.

Instructor: Caroline Stewart

Best For: Learning about Diaphragmatic and Pranayama breathwork techniques.

Cost: $2,150 one time payment, $385/month for 6 months, or $331.50/month for 12 months

Why We Recommend it: Uses various learning methods and creates the opportunity for better accountability.


12. Elemental Rhythm's Breathwork Training

Elemental's Breathwork Facilitator Training is a two-part program that allows students to master Elemental Rhythm Breathwork for the purpose of sharing it with others. Level 1 teaches you how to facilitate the experience, while Level 2 is all about coaching. The program makes use of live training, weekly calls, and self-study to help you master the skills you need to succeed in running a breathwork business.

Provided By: Elemental

Course Structure & Duration: Over 134 hours of weekly self-study and live sessions with practice calls and a final exam.

Instructor: Giovanni Bartolomeo

Best For: Learning about breathwork techniques specific to the Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Program.

Cost: $2,497 for bundle or $1,497 per level

Why We Recommend it: Teaches both how to facilitate multiple types of sessions and how to coach clients.


13. The Awakened Healer

Those wanting to become a breathwork teacher with a focus on Pranayama should consider taking the Awakened Healer training. This 7-day online program teaches everything you need to know about ancient and modern breathwork practices, equipping you with the knowledge for self-healing and coaching others. The training makes use of live Zoom calls and self-study; students living in different time zones can still participate by watching the session recordings afterwards.

Provided By: Pranayama Sadhana

Course Structure & Duration: 100 hours of live calls with some required reading. Recorded videos are sent out after the live sessions.

Instructor: Engel Pherecydes

Best For: Learning about Pranayama and modern breathwork techniques.

Cost: $1,850 CAD + tax

Why We Recommend it: Makes it easier to participate regardless of the time zone you live in.


14. The Breath Zone Teacher Training Program

The Breath Zone also offers a Teacher Training Program that focuses on teaching modern breathwork techniques. This program is split into 2 modules: the first focuses on training individuals and couples, and the second focuses on groups, workshops, and marketing. The live Zoom workshops will teach practitioners everything about breathwork, including how to create an ideal session for clients. 

Provided By: The Breath Zone

Course Structure & Duration: 3 days of live video calls for each of the 2 modules.

Instructor: Rebecca Kordecki

Best For: Learning about Conscious Circular Breath and modern breathwork techniques.

Cost: $1,100 for bundle or $650 per module

Why We Recommend it: Provides in-depth knowledge of the different types of sessions you can offer clients.


15. Yogalap's Breathwork Instructor Course

For those wanting to become a certified Pranayama and breathwork expert, Yogalap's Breathwork Instructor Course is one of the more affordable options. This course is designed for anyone with the desire to help heal others and grow their knowledge on the healing power of breathwork. It uses video lectures, live sessions, and self-development worksheets to help practitioners build their skills. 

Provided By: Yogalap

Course Structure & Duration: 4 weeks of scheduled live sessions with video and text lessons. 

Instructor: Michaël Bijker

Best For: Learning about Pranayama breathwork techniques.

Cost: €300

Why We Recommend it: One of the most affordable options offering certification.


7 in-person breathwork courses and workshops for facilitators

For those that want the opportunity to travel for their training and connect with others, there are still great options for in-person breathwork facilitator certification. These are some of the courses and workshops available for in-person breathwork training.


1. Rebirthing Training Programme

The Rebirthing Training Programme from AIR School of Breathwork is great for anyone wanting to specialize in rebirthing techniques. These European retreats will teach attendees how to personally heal, as well as how to share their knowledge with others. The retreats also offer fun opportunities for water sessions in their hot tub and walks amongst the beautiful scenery. 

Provided By: AIR School of Breathwork

Course Structure & Duration: 8-day training retreat

Instructors: Doug Sawyer and Brigitte Martin Powell

Best For: Learning about Rebirthing breathwork techniques.

Location: England or France

Cost: £900

Why We Recommend it: A fun opportunity to complete training in beautiful locations while healing with others.


2. David Elliott's Healer Training - Level 1-4

David Elliott's Healer Training retreats allow participants to learn how to master Pranayama breathwork as a healing practice, as well as how to share it with others. Many of the lessons focus on self-love, confidence, and business practices. In addition to working towards your certification, you can stay with others in the provided lodging and enjoy healthy meals.

Provided By: David Elliott

Course Structure & Duration: 8-day retreat. Required reading will also need to be completed.

Instructors: David Elliott

Best For: Learning about Pranayama breathwork techniques.

Location: Los Angeles, California; Rhinebeck, New York; Sandia Park, New Mexico; or Portugal

Cost: $2,500

Why We Recommend it: Provides training while also improving yourself on a personal level.


3. Breathe's Breathwork Teacher Training

Breathe's Breathwork Teacher Training gives "everyday people'' the opportunity to learn about the life-changing qualities of modern breathwork, including how it can be used to heal yourself and others. This certification consists of 2 training modules: Basics & One-on-One, and How to Lead Couples & Groups. These modules can be taken back-to-back or at separate times. Those who register for one or both modules will also receive access to the matching online training for future review.

Provided By: Breathe with Jon Paul Crimi

Course Structure & Duration: 4 days, or 2 days per module

Instructor: Jon Paul Crimi

Best For: Learning about Circular Breathwork or Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Location: Calabasas, California

Cost: $3,100 for bundle or $1,750 each

Why We Recommend it: Opportunity to receive in-depth accredited training with an expert breathworker.


4. Clarity Breathwork Professional Training Program

Clarity Breathwork offers a variety of ways for breathwork practitioners to complete their Professional Training program. One popular option is an intensive retreat that covers all 5 levels needed for certification. This retreat allows practitioners to learn all about using Clarity Breathwork for healing the self and others. The retreat option provides the opportunity to lodge in beautiful locations and enjoy delicious meals while bonding with others.

Provided By: Clarity Breathwork

Course Structure & Duration: 1-month retreat

Instructors: Dana Dharma Devi and Ashanna Solaris

Best For: Learning about Clarity Breathwork.

Location: Costa Rica or Bali

Cost: $3,450 + additional retreat costs

Why We Recommend it: Opportunity to work towards certification while staying in paradise.


5. Breathwork Facilitator SBA Level 1 Training

For those wanting to grow as breathwork teachers, Sacred Breath Academy offers their level 1 Breathwork Facilitator Training as a starting point. This training allows students to travel to beautiful locations around the world to learn about SBA's methods of conscious connected breathwork, as well as a variety of holistic healing methods for self-transformation and teaching others. It also includes web-based learning and additional teaching methods in order to gain the best knowledge and experience.

Provided By: Sacred Breath Academy

Course Structure & Duration: 4-day training with some web-based learning.

Instructor: Kaya Leigh

Best For: Learning about Sacred Breathwork and Conscious Connected Breathwork.

Location: Worldwide

Cost: $3,333 total

Why We Recommend it: Learn to heal yourself and others in a beautiful location.


6. Breathwork Healing's Facilitator Training

Breathwork Healing's Facilitator Training is a great option for those looking to gain knowledge in Canada. This training is for breathworkers of all levels who want to gain insight into using breathwork for self-exploration and trauma healing, as well as becoming a breathwork facilitator. You must attend the in-person session and complete the self-study to receive certification from Breathwork Healing.

 Provided By: Breathwork Healing

Course Structure & Duration: 50 hours of training over 6 days, with 4 hours of self-study.

Instructors: Debbie Smith, Kelly Nightingale, and Courtney Cuellar

Best For: Learning about Circular Breathwork.

Location: Oshawa, Ontario; Mississauga, Ontario; or Etobicoke, Ontario 

Cost: $1,799 CAD

Why We Recommend it: Opportunity to receive certification while practicing trauma healing.


7. Wisdom of Breath: Self-Exploration Through the Wisdom of Breath

PachaMama’s Wisdom of Breath workshop is a great opportunity for beginners to learn how breathwork can be used to unlock unconscious emotions and thoughts. This 3-day workshop guides groups of 12 through meditative and spiritual breathing exercises for the purpose of self-healing. You’ll get to experience all of this in beautiful Costa Rica, but it unfortunately does not offer certification for those who complete the workshop.

Provided By: PachaMama

Course Structure & Duration: 3-day workshop.

Instructor: Amara & Rasana

Best For: Learning about basic breathwork techniques for meditative and spiritual purposes.

Location: San Juanillo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Cost: $290 for the 3-day workshop or $90 for a day event + cost for accomodations

Why We Recommend it: Opportunity to be guided through a breathwork journey in a small group setting while staying in paradise.


6 breathwork courses on e-learning websites

If you want a taste of breathwork before committing to the full training certification, there are plenty of online breathwork courses you can explore. Here are some online learning options on breathwork techniques.


1. Breathwork / Pranayama - from Beginner to Practitioner

This Breathwork / Pranayama course is an affordable option for those who want to grow as  breathworkers. It covers everything from the basics of breathwork to advanced Pranayama techniques and how to incorporate them into your life. The course will also prepare you to create your own breathwork sequences and combine techniques as you wish.

 Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 5 hours of video lessons.

Instructors: Jutta Goettken

Best For: Learning about Diaphragmatic and Pranayama breathwork techniques.

Cost: $34.99

Why We Recommend it: Great option for people of all experience levels.


2. Conscious Breathwork: Yogic Pranayama Breathing

This Conscious Breathing course is a great way for beginners to get an in-depth look at the most commonly-used conscious and Pranayama breathwork techniques. The videos guide students through how to do a variety of breathing practices, including deep, segmented, alternate nostril, and sitali breathing. Completing this course will help you learn how to heal yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 3.5 hours of video lessons, with a bonus lesson.

Instructors: Mark Keane

Best For: Learning about Pranayama and Conscious Breathing.

Cost: $104.99

Why We Recommend it: A good option for familiarizing yourself with the breathwork commonly practiced with yoga.


3. Breathing Mastery for Physiological State Regulation

Breathing Mastery for Physiological State Regulation is for anyone looking for a way to improve their lives through breathwork. This course provides information through videos and other resources on why breathwork works and how to incorporate it into your life. It also focuses on positive neuroplasticity, opting for an evidence-based approach to the lessons.

Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 6.5 hours of video lessons and supporting text, with quizzes throughout.

Instructors: Michael Allison

Best For: Learning about nasal breathing techniques. 

Cost: $89.99

Why We Recommend it: Great for those who want to know more about the science behind breathwork.


4. Learn to Facilitate MoS Breathwork

Learn to Facilitate MoS Breathwork is for those who want to learn how to run breathwork ceremonies. The video lessons will teach you how to do breathwork and how it can be used within different spiritual ceremonies. The lessons are fun and allow you to achieve relaxation in a unique way. 

Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 1 hour of video lessons.

Instructors: Medicine of Sound

Best For: Learning about MoS specific breathwork. 

Cost: $104.99

Why We Recommend it: Focuses on running spiritual breathwork ceremonies.


5. “Breath Is Life” Breathwork & Meditation course

This Breathwork & Meditation course provides an extensive look at Pranayama breathwork techniques and how to incorporate them into your life. The techniques shared in this course range from beginner to advanced and focus on calming, energizing, and self-awareness. It also includes tips and warm-ups for preparing to do breathwork and meditations to assist in your sessions.

 Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 17.75 hours of video lessons, with supporting documentation.

Instructors: Michaël Bijker

Best For: Learning about Pranayama breathwork techniques.

Cost: $169.99

Why We Recommend it: Extensively covers a wide range of Pranayama techniques.


6. Pranayama Breathwork and Dynamic Meditations

Pranayama Breathwork and Dynamic Meditations is for those who want to learn how to improve their breathing to support their physical and mental health. The video lessons provide an in-depth look at Pranayama breathing and how it can be used to better oneself. The teachings also include meditations that will help you to develop your daily practice.

Provided By: Udemy

Course Structure & Duration: 8 hours of video lessons.

Instructors: Tom Llewellyn, Soulremember Academy

Best For: Learning about Pranayama and Alternate Nasal Breathing.

Cost: $139.99

Why We Recommend it: Great for those who want to learn how breathwork and meditation can work together.


8 tips for choosing the right breathwork facilitator course for you

So now you know what breathwork courses are available, but you still have to decide which one(s) to take. With the number of great options available, it can be difficult to know if you’re making the right choice. Follow these tips to help you pick the best breathwork training for you:


1. Have a goal in mind

Ask yourself what you’re most hoping to get out of your breathwork training. Are you hoping to start offering breathwork sessions professionally? Or are you simply looking for an opportunity to build a new still and gain a new experience? Use these priorities to guide your decision-making. 


2. Know your budget

Many breathwork training programs can be costly. It’s important to be realistic going into your search and know how much you have available to spend. Ask yourself if you can pay full price upfront, if you need to find a program that only asks for a deposit upfront, or if you’d be better to take a course that offers a monthly payment plan. With the number of options available, you shouldn’t have to pay more than you can afford to get certified.


3. Determine your preferred learning style

Are you hoping to complete your breathwork training online, or would you prefer for it to be done in-person? Some people are more comfortable learning from home, while others will want to experience the 1-on-1 interaction with their teachers and fellow students to get the most value from their program. Knowing what learning style works best for you will help you to narrow down your search.


4. Know your location preferences

If you’re opting for in-person training over an online breathwork course, you need to determine where you’d prefer to complete it. Are you hoping to find something locally, or would you prefer to travel the world to add to the experience? Be mindful of the additional costs you’d need to pay – and the other commitments you’d be required to make – in order to complete your training abroad when you make your decision.


5. Reflect on the time commitment

Some training programs can easily be completed over a weekend workshop, while others can require years of self-study and practice. Be honest with yourself about how much effort you’re willing to put into getting certified. Whatever course you choose should integrate well with your schedule.


6. Determine your preferred breathwork techniques

There are many different breathwork techniques you can practice. Are you looking to learn the basics and fundamentals, or would you prefer to be highly knowledgeable in Pranayama or a more modern style of breathwork? If you want to be certified in specific types of breathwork, ensure you enroll in a program that will allow you to learn your desired techniques.


7. Ask yourself if you align with the teacher

Not only are many breathwork certification courses heavily associated with their teachers, but students will also have to spend the bulk of their training with them. Before committing to a program, research the beliefs and philosophies of its instructor. If you don’t agree with their values or their approach to breathwork, you’re not going to enjoy training with them very much. You want to work with someone whom you can respect and draw inspiration from.


8. Consider the certification’s accreditation

Some trainings are certified by national and international organizations, while others are simply certified by the school or instructor you’re receiving the certification from. Reflect on your goal for completing breathwork training and determine if the training’s accreditation fits your needs. If you’re looking to coach breathwork professionally, do some research on your country’s regulations and requirements for teaching breathwork. This will help you determine what programs offer the proper certification for you to do so.

Those are the different ways you can work towards becoming a Certified Breathwork Facilitator. Want to start practicing breathwork before you begin your training? Sign up for this free 3-day Inward Breathwork journey.


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